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Officine Meccaniche Ponte Nossa

Officine Meccaniche of Ponte Nossa has a long mechanical tradition, even if they are born officially in 1989 as tooling shop, mechanical machining and assemblies for the textile industry.

A few years later, due to the crisis of the textile sector, the company directs towards mechanical precision machiningĀ  third parties.

It is in 1998 that the realĀ  turning point in production begins, orienting the company towards the production of complex mechanical components in aluminium, cast iron and steel for the automotive sector.

OMPN Today

Today we can proudly say that thanks to their organization and ability to develop internally toolings, mechanical machining, assemblies, automation, control and washing equipment, management of the foundries and suppliers, Officine Meccaniche are able to provide to the Customer a finished product, from the prototyping phase to the industrialization, with short and certain timing ensuring the total quality of the product.

Company policy

The center of attention of Officine Meccaniche is the CUSTOMER, to whom they address spending competence and professionalism, quality and reliability, competitiveness and service, to be or become a loyal, strategic, technologic, logistical and of excellent quality partner.

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